Do You Love Dogs, Cats, Bunnies-Animals in General?  Do You Need a New Career, or a Source of Extra Money?  Would You Love to Feel Appreciated Each Time you Walk Through a Door?

Then Pet Sitting may be for You!!

Hello, my name is Rebecca James.  I own a successful pet sitting business called "Critter Homecare" that I've enjoyed for 16 years.  I feel very fortunate to be doing something that I truly love while at the same time being able to help support my family of four.

If you had told me sixteen years ago that I would be running a Pet Sitting Service today, I wouldn't have believed it.  At that time I was  the accountant for a thriving business.  A year later the business had to close due to the downturn of the economy-does this sound familiar to anyone?

I had no idea what to do next.  I had two young children at home and my husband's salary, alone wasn't enough to get us through.   Plus, my accounting job had been very flexible, and I had been able to do alot of the work at home while my kids napped.  I didn't want to take a job that would separate me from them for 8 hours or more a day and I wasn't prepared to pay for daycare.

I started to list the things that were important to me in a career.  I had to love what I was doing.  The job had to be flexible so that either my husband or I could be there for our kids.  I wanted to be my own boss and set my own schedule.  I had to make good money - at least $20 an hour. 

And then it just hit me one day.  I thought of all of the times I had taken care of my friend's and neighbor's pets while they were out of town.  I thought of how hard it was each time our family went out of town to find someone caring and reliable to take care of our pets and to water our plants.   So, with these things in mind, the idea for a Pet Sitting and Plant Care Service took shape. 

Having a business background helped me to set up my business.  But other than that, I just had to learn and adapt my business as I went along.  Over these past 14 years I've been able to fine tune my business.  I developed forms I needed for my business, ideas of what worked for a pet care business, and ways to advertise and grow my pet sitting business.  As my pet care business grew, I  had to hire several part-time employees to help out and to cover for me when I was out of town and away for emergencies.

Using all of my pet care knowledge and experience as a guide, I have written an ebook called, "Pet Sitting Basics 101; How to Start a Successful Pet Sitting Business."  It is an easy to read book that will explain the steps needed to start your own Pet Sitting business.  It contains forms for you to use, as well as lots of valuable information and tips for your business. 

I've seen similar books and plans for starting a Pet Sitting Business advertised on the internet for anywhere from $15 to hundreds of dollars.  This seems like a high price for the average person to have to pay for this information.  My goal is to provide the information you need to start up a pet sitting business at a reasonable price.  

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